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Family Coaching

The "Whole-Family" approach for exceptional individuals and their families.

Integrating psychological, personalized and practical coaching methods, 

Stacy Collins Johnson, MA - Certified Neurodiverse Family Coach takes a “whole-istic” approach when helping neurodiverse families navigate the twists and turns of their unexpected, unique journey. From recent diagnosis to adulthood, Stacy's overarching goal to help exceptional individuals and their families reduce stressors and pave pathways toward health, well being, satisfaction and joy. 

"Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much." — Helen Keller


Stacy Collins Johnson, M.A.

Certified Neurodiverse Family Life Coach

Over 50 pages of insight on Neurodiversity and printable tools to enhance your life.


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Lean on me

  • To partner with you to assess your cognitive needs.

  • To help uncover your voice, talents, dreams and worth. 

  • To sift through the tomes of legalese. With a good understanding of special education laws, I’ll help advocate for your child.

  • For meetings with agencies, schools, workplaces, I'll advocate for your personalized support. 

  • To help identify support resources tailored to your needs.

  • I’ll listen to you, with empathy. I’ve been there. I get it. 

  • Together we'll determine individual needs, goals and implement a custom live-your-best-life plan.  

  • Whether you are an individual, a sibling, a single parent, two parents, a blended family or something or someone in between, I'd like to help. 


Hi. I'm Stacy Collins Johnson, MA, Certified Neurodiverse Family Coach and mother of two — one being a young adult on the autism spectrum. Raising an exceptional child is a challenge — and an amazing gift. The experience uncovered in me a strength, resilience and empathy that I never knew I had. In fact, because of this experience, and my keen interest in the differently-abled, I adjusted my profession so that I could help others navigate their journey successfully.

Embrace Neurodiversity

It's time we reduce the stigma around neurodiversity and special needs. A person is NOT a generalized diagnosis or label. All people are individuals with dreams and goals worth achieving. Everyone deserves to be seen, heard and valued. Trying to fit a square peg in a round hole isn't effective. Why not take a different approach? Why not create an approach to life that fits you?

Whole Family

I believe strongly in the importance of prioritizing the exceptional loved one – AND the whole family – because a 'whole' family is a healthier, happier one (whether in one household or two). I'll look at each family member’s dreams, desires, fears, anxieties to make adjustments and develop a system that works for everyone. Sadly, many neurodivergent families don't see the cracks forming because everyone is so busy treading water - simply trying to stay afloat. Before you know it, the family ship is sinking. Fortunately with appropriate coaching support, everyone can keep sailing!

I focus on four key phases of the neurodivergent journey:

  1. Diagnosis

  2. School Years.

  3. Transition to Adulthood. 

  4. Adulthood.


For the Neurodiverse Individual: Whether you are an ND child, adult or parent, there's only one YOU  – and you're a masterpiece! You are NOT a label. Like everyone on this planet, your needs are unique and valid.  I'll meet you where your are - and then we'll create a living plan that works for youThe number 1 priority is for you to feel loved, seen and heard as an individual. From that place of self-worth, life will improve. 


For the Neurodiverse Family: I'll partner with you to identify needs, goals, resources for parents, caregivers, children, neurodiverse family members, neurotypical family members, and the family as a whole.  I'll listen to each family member's feelings, fears, dreams and aspirations to chart their best,. personalized path forward. We'll also pull back the lens to look at your family: What makes you guys tick? Laugh? What makes your home a "home?" Let's create your best life. Your family deserve nothing less.

  • Together, we’ll determine goals, and implement strategies to meet the needs of your exceptional child.

  • Together, we’ll uncover your personal goals, dreams, desires, and determine a plan to meet them. 

  • Together, we'll listen to siblings. Their needs matter.

  • Together, we’ll build a circle of friends, a circle of support. 

  • Together, we’ll ensure EVERYONE in your family feels heard, seen, loved and is on their best path forward. 

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